Site Name: Beguiler
Owner(s): Dye
Category: Graphic / Resource
Description: Beguiler provides anime, manga, video game, and Asian drama related graphic designs and resources for your use and are 100% free.
Site Name: Blood to Death
Owner(s): Dye
Category: Domain
Description: Blood To Death is the home of many websites that Dye has created and currently cultivates. Here you can browse through all of them and even visit a few. The websites showcased here range from a button rotation all the way to her fanlisting collective. Don't forget to stop by the graphic design website as well. Check out the network page for more details about each website as well as upcoming ones (if any).
Site Name: BrittleBonez
Owner(s): Jennifer
Category: Graphic / Portfolio
Description: Online Portfolio. I also provide preamde and custom graphics & layouts.