To be listed at Electro Listings, understand and follow the rule provided.

1. A button is not a must, but of course appreciated. I can always make one for you.
2. Your site must be rated PG, as in no porno/racism/hater sites, etc.
3. Your site must contain your own content, layouts, and such. If you use someone else's stylesheet, that's fine as long as you leave the credit on.
4. For forum/RPG sites, please make my link visible for non-members. I shouldn't have to sign up to view my link and that's all I'm doing.
5. EL's link button must be up within a week of applying, I will check. I do make exceptions. That also goes for if you are on hiatus, coming, etc.
6. You may add as many sites as you want, 1 app. per site and you must own/co-own it.
7. Your site must be English or have a English version.
8. Please have the courtesy and provide your button url, sometimes it's a pain to search.
9. Please allow a week to be added, I do have a life too.
10. Filling out the site description allows the viewer to get more indepth view of what your site is about.

What are you waiting for go ahead and apply.


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