History Of Electro Listings

Host:: parisfalls.net
Formerly Hosted By:: iglitter.net
Owner:: Claressa
Opened:: January 15th, 2009
Hosted:: July 2012
Category:: Directory
Programs Used:: Jasc Animation Shop 3, Adobe Photoshop CS3, Corel Paintshop Photo Pro X3, Notepad and Paint

Electro Listings is a directory site. It's for any type of site to be listed, except adult sites. Its like advertising you site so others can visit, etc.

EL was hosted on Webs.com for the longest time, 3 years. Never had an problems until June 2012. It would go on for a few days that I couldn't log in or even view my site. It got pretty aggravating. I got a message on my tagboard asking for help with webs, to understand what the person meant, I created a new account. After looking around, came to find that webs doesn't allow html for newcomers unless you ungraded from the free account. An affiliate of mine told me she was also having issues with webs and they actually started deleting her content. Some websites have also been deleted and I did not want my site to be next because I worked so hard on it.

Here I am now, hosted by Sandra at parisfalls.net, formerly hosted by Vicky at Iglitter.net.